Product and Packaging Designs for World End Imports

I worked on many different packaging and product designs during my time with World End Imports. Below are some of my favorite pieces, including jewelry displays, specialty hangtags, and patterns for bag designs.

Endangered Species Display

I designed this acrylic display from-scratch to hold a new series of bracelets featuring endangered animals. The back and front of the box feature slots for the unique header and footer I designed to market the bracelets. Both the display and the bracelets were very popular among WEI’s customers, especially zoos.

#VivaLife Hangtags

I designed these hangtags for a new bracelet/necklace line called Viva Life. I created the illustrations and placed them on a watercolor background for a calming, attractive look. There are three separate collections within the jewelry line: icons/symbols, wildlife, and sea life.

Other Hangtags

During my time at WEI, I designed many different hangtags to feature specialty jewelry. Below are some of my favorites.


Bag Patterns

WEI wanted to launch a new product line with cute and trendy patterned bags. I designed each character/symbol and created the patterns to go on small, passport-size bags or drawstring totes. Each character would come in four bag colors – teal, light blue, beige, and gray.

Treasure Chest Display

This treasure chest box was created to hold sea life-themed bracelets in retail stores. I designed the technical layout of the box (based on an older, thinner version) and then created a fun design resembling a sunken treasure chest full of jewels.

Tru Colorz Display Update

I was asked to update an outdated header for a display box. The display holds cute little stretch bracelets and the header needed to be bright and colorful to attract the attention of children. The name of the bracelet collection is “Tru Colorz.” I’ve included the old versions of the headers for comparison.

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