My Process

Below is an overview of my payment policy, along with details on the design process and client-designer communication. Feel free to email me with any questions!

Payment Policy (and How it All Works)

1) The potential client will contact me with details on the prospective project. Timeline will also be discussed.

2) For projects I do not offer as a package, I will give an estimated cost for the work requested by the client based on my hourly rate, the timeline for the job, and the amount of work the project will require. The quote the client receives is an estimate. If the client’s project goes over budget, they will be billed at $40/hr for each additional hour of work. I will work very hard to stay on track with my estimate, but prospective clients need to be aware of this policy. Please read note on 4) below.

3) Client will receive an invoice for 50% of the estimated cost for hourly projects or 50 – 100% of the cost for packages. Client must pay this upfront before any design work begins. This deposit is non-refundable but will be discounted from the final invoice.

4) I will design for the client, sending drafts back and forth via email and making revisions where client deems necessary. Client will be given low-res (“unusable”) files as previews until full payment is sent. *NOTE: When I give an estimate, I try to account for a reasonable number of revisions. However, if during this communcation stage many revisions or complete overhauls are made, or if there is additional work that was not originally requested, my initial estimate and/or timeline may be overridden. I will inform you if I foresee the budget being extended so we can adjust accordingly.

5) After work is completed, client will be given an invoice of the total amount for the project. Payment must be made before the due date specified on the invoice. If payment is not made before the due date, late fees may be incurred. Late payments are subject to a 5% increase for each month that client is late. I accept payment via PayPal or personal check.

6) After client pays the full amount of the invoice, they will receive the full-res, “workable” files (for websites, they will now receive the login for the account).