Why You Should Face Your Fears and Hire a Graphic Designer

I get it.

Hiring a designer is a big decision, especially when you’re just starting your business or when the budget is tight. You might be hesitant to hire someone to help you with your visual identity for a number of reasons, ranging from budget to busyness to previous bad experiences. Continue reading

25 Graphic Design Resources for Valentine’s Day

It’s already February, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you haven’t already, you’ll probably want to incorporate this holiday of love into your marketing material. To make things a little easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of twenty of the best graphic design resources for Valentine’s Day, including stock photos, fonts, color palettes, and graphic elements. Enjoy! Continue reading

5 Beautiful Fall Color Palettes

As you can tell from my recent blog posts, there’s something about the change of seasons from summer to fall that gets me so excited! I can feel my level of creativity going up as the temperature drops. One of the most inspiring parts of fall is the burst of color that can suddenly be found in nature. Summer is filled with so much greenery, and although there’s nothing wrong with that, it just isn’t as exciting as the multitude of colors found in autumn. Continue reading