About Me

Hi!  I’m Madlyn.

I’m a twenty-something-year-old artist who specializes in graphic design and illustration. I live in New Jersey, but I work remotely with clients from all around the country.

I’ve always been fascinated with art, even from a very young age. Coloring in coloring books turned into drawing my own pictures, which became one of my favorite hobbies. As I got older, that hobby became a way to express myself, and I enjoyed it so much that I knew I wanted to make it my career.

My parents homeschooled me through highschool, which (along with other benefits) allowed me a little more free time and space to be creative. After my homeschool journey was over, I completed my Associates in Arts degree at a state college and earned a Graphic Design Professional Certificate from Sessions College for Professional Design. During this schooling, I enhanced my work and developed it into something I can use not just to express myself, but also to express ideas from others in an attractive, professional way that is accessible to a greater audience.

When I finished school, I worked as an assistant graphic designer then became the head graphic designer at a wholesale jewelry company. I soon discovered that I was ready to start my own freelance design business, so I left my desk job (with many well-wishes from my boss and co-workers) to branch out on my own. Managing my own design business from home has always been my dream, and now I’m living it!

My Christian faith is the most important thing in my life, and my husband is right there behind it. He’s my biggest source of inspiration, my best friend, and my favorite everything. My parents and siblings are an incredibly influential piece of my life. They are always loving me, always encouraging me to do my best. I constantly draw strength and inspiration from them. They are the most creative people I know!

Aside from design and illustration, I like to spend my time working out, playing tennis, practicing yoga, watching movies, dabbling in making movies, making good food, eating good food, and drinking green or chai tea.

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