Why You Should Face Your Fears and Hire a Graphic Designer

I get it.

Hiring a designer is a big decision, especially when you’re just starting your business or when the budget is tight. You might be hesitant to hire someone to help you with your visual identity for a number of reasons, ranging from budget to busyness to previous bad experiences.

The truth is, you’re hesitant because you’re afraid.

You’re afraid of overspending. Or maybe you’re afraid of overwhelming yourself if you take on just one more thing. Maybe you’ve worked with a designer before, and you’re afraid of starting a committed business partnership with someone who might not “get” you and what you’re trying to accomplish. Or maybe you’re afraid of wasting precious time on your business’s appearance that could be better spent on its success (side note: they’re more related than you might think!).

I want to take some time to address these fears so I can reassure you that hiring a graphic designer is a crucial step in any business plan. I want you to look inward for a few moments so you can pinpoint what’s holding you back from working with a designer, then read on for my response.

why you should face your fears and hire a graphic designer

If you say: “It’s too expensive.”

As an independent freelance designer, I’m able to charge very competitive, affordable rates. Skimping on your visual identity will not allow your business to reach its full potential. Think of hiring a designer as an investment in your business. It will certainly pay off!

If you say: “I’m too busy, and it will be too much of a hassle.”

One of my goals is to make my projects run as smoothly as possible. This benefits both me and you! I understand how it feels to be busy and maybe a little overwhelmed with work. That’s why I have a very defined system that allows us to work together efficiently and effectively (click here to view how a typical project with me looks). The hardest part is finding the right designer (here I am!) and taking the first leap into the project.

If you say: “I’ve worked with a designer before, and they didn’t care about me or my brand. I really didn’t enjoy working with them.”

I totally understand that. I’ve seen many designers who are so caught up in their own creative vision that they seem to ignore their client’s needs! I am not a pushy designer. I enjoy working together with my clients to create something that meets – or exceeds – all of their expectations. My top goals for every project are quality, creativity, and a happy client! If you’re happy with the end result, so am I.

If you say: “Visual design really doesn’t matter that much. I can be successful without it.”

This is simply not true. Your visual identity directly influences how people perceive your business. Good design brings familiarity and consistency within your brand, bringing attention to the messages you want to convey to your customers. It attracts your target audience and makes you stand out from the crowd. These qualities are just as important for small businesses and solo-preneurs as they are for established corporations. Design is always at work, marketing your business and speaking messages that can’t be verbalized. I’ll help you make sure those messages are positive!

Did I help you overcome your hesitation? If you have a project you’ve been putting off that you’d like to get started, contact me! I’d love to work with you.